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Cosmetic surgery in Liège

Transform your figure with the expertise of Claris Clinic surgeons.

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What is cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery, a branch of surgery, aims to change the appearance of various parts of the body. From face to chest to stomach, this discipline can target a variety of areas.Mini Lift

The most common procedures include liposuction, which removes excess fat, and breast augmentation, which increases breast volume.

Why have cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is first and foremost a way to feel better about yourself and your body. It can be used to correct complexes such as breast asymmetries or umbilicated nipples.

It’s also often a way of harmonizing the body and face, reducing the signs of aging for example.

Lastly, cosmetic surgery can help improve comfort for some patients who may be bothered by a physical feature. For example, rhinoplasty, nose surgery, can make breathing easier. Breast reduction can lighten the load of overly large breasts. Similarly, liposuction can remove excess fat that causes irritation.

The reasons for undergoing cosmetic surgery are very diverse, and the result is always a renewed sense of confidence among our patients.

The different types of cosmetic surgery

Breast surgery

Breast surgery is used to modify the size, volume and shape of the breasts. Here are the different types of breast surgery available:

  • The
    breast reduction
    Breast reduction: to reduce breast size.
  • L’
    breast augmentation
    is the placement of breast implants or prostheses to increase the size of the breasts.
  • The
    breast lipofilling
    Mammary lipofilling: which consists of increasing the size of the breasts by injecting your own fat.
  • The
    breast lift
    Breast lift: to lift breasts that sag over time or after childbirth.
  • The
    breast implant replacement
    Breast implant replacement: when implants leak, break, turn inside out, or when you wish to change your aesthetic appearance.
  • The
    Gynaecomastia: to make men’s torsos firmer and flatter when mammary glands overgrow.

Facial surgeryButtocks

Facial cosmetic surgery can target different areas of the face such as :

Body contouring surgery

Plastic surgery can reshape the contours of your figure by balancing areas of your body to harmonize it. Visit
is the preferred technique for removing excess fat that may be bothering you.

Here are the most common operations:

Aesthetic tummy tuck surgery

Thanks to
and tummy
tummy tuck
your plastic surgeon will be able to make profound changes to your tummy, in line with your wishes for tummy tuck surgery.

Abdominoplasty is also the treatment of choice for removing stretch marks and scars, and tightening the skin. To eliminate excess localized fat, liposuction of the abdomen is the preferred option.


Your questions about plastic surgery

How does cosmetic surgery work?

There are three distinct stages in a plastic procedure:

  • Step 1: The preliminary consultation with your surgeon to ask your questions, discuss your goals and motivations, and draw up an estimate.
  • Step 2: Surgery, which is more or less complex and lengthy depending on the procedure chosen.
  • Step 3: Post-operative follow-up to ensure that your recovery goes smoothly and without complications.

How much does cosmetic surgery cost?

The cost of cosmetic surgery depends on several factors:

  • the duration of the operation,
  • the type of intervention,
  • the chosen clinic…

A personalized estimate will be drawn up with your surgeon during the initial information and preparation consultation.

What are the risks of cosmetic surgery?

By choosing to have your surgery at a renowned clinic like the Claris Clinic, you can be sure of minimizing the risk of complications that may arise. These risks, although rare, are generally related to the wound (infection, haematoma…) or to an imperfect result. Anesthesia-related risks also exist.

Why choose the Claris Clinic for your cosmetic surgery in Liège?

Claris Clinic in Liège
welcomes you to the prestigious Château des Thermes estate in Chaudfontaine, just 10km from Liège, for your consultations with one of our surgeons. You can count on our staff to welcome you and support you throughout the process.

If you decide to schedule your plastic surgery after the initial consultation, our team at the
Claris Clinic in La Hulpe
will take over with state-of-the-art equipment.

Claris Clinic is certified by independent bodies and complies with the highest safety standards. Our surgeons are among the best in Belgium, and will give you the benefit of their expertise and professionalism to make your operation the success you expect.

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Our Liège clinic is located just 10 minutes from Liège, next to the prestigious Thermes de Chaudfontaine thermal baths, and has its own parking lot, hotel and restaurant to welcome you.

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