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Cosmetic surgery in Brussels

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What is cosmetic surgery?

Mini Lift

Cosmetic surgery allows you to transform your appearance through surgical intervention. This modification can be made to different parts of your body: face, buttocks, stomach, chest…

In contrast to reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery is essentially chosen to correct imperfections or enhance features that are causing the patient discomfort. However, cosmetic surgery is far from harmless and superficial. They remain surgical procedures, in most cases involving an incision made by a specialized surgeon. It is therefore very important to choose the right clinic and surgeon.

What’s more, they most often result in increased patient confidence, underlining the importance of the quality of plastic surgeons’ work.

Why undergo cosmetic surgery?

There are many reasons why our patients undergo cosmetic surgery. Here are some of the most common reasons.

Firstly, the reasons may be purely aesthetic. Some patients wish to change the shape or size of a part of their body to be more satisfied with their reflection in the mirror. The most popular plastic interventions are :

  • Eyelid surgery: to revitalize this area, which loses its firmness over time and makes the face look tired.
  • Facelift: To reduce or even eliminate the wrinkles that appear with age, and firm up the skin of the face.
  • Lipoffiling: to give a more balanced and voluminous shape to a part of the body, by injecting one’s own fat.
  • Breast lift: to enhance breasts that droop with age.
  • Abdominopasty: for a flatter stomach and to balance the abdominal areas by removing excess fat and skin.

Whatever the procedure, cosmetic surgery is the preferred way for our patients to get rid of certain complexes.

However, some aesthetic procedures also have a practical dimension by eliminating discomfort. Such is the case with breast reduction, which reduces the weight of the breasts and thus helps prevent certain posture problems. Rhinoplasty is also a good example, as it can sometimes improve the patient’s breathing.

Breast augmentation

The different types of plastic surgery in Brussels

There are plenty of options when it comes to changing your appearance. Here’s a quick overview of the possibilities.

Breast surgery

breast surgery
is mainly a women’s issue, but not the only one. The aim is to modify the shape, volume or size of the breasts. There are different types of breast surgery, depending on what you want.

  • Breast augmentation
    Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure generally chosen by women who find their breasts too small and wish to enlarge them.
  • Breast lipofilling This operation also changes the size and shape of the breasts, often to increase their size and volume. The difference lies in the method used: lipofilling uses the patient’s own fat to achieve this goal, whereas breast augmentation is performed using a breast implant. This prosthesis is generally made of silicone.
  • Breast reduction Breast reduction is usually the preferred solution for women with heavy breasts. Indeed, overly large breasts can be embarrassing, causing back pain and postural complications.
  • Breast lift Breast lift: a breast lift enhances patients’ breasts, which tend to sag over time. This procedure gives them a more toned, rejuvenated appearance.
  • Changing implants : It’s possible for an implant to leak or turn inside out, necessitating a new procedure. The life of an implant is at least 10 years. Implants can also be changed if the patient wishes to change the implant size.
  • Gynecomastia : This final breast surgery procedure is chosen by men who experience discomfort due to excessive breast tissue development. Gynecomastia aims to reduce the size of the breasts, giving the patient’s torso a firm, flat appearance.

Facial surgery

Facial surgery is also varied and can affect any area, such as :

  • The nose: rhinoplasty
    is cosmetic surgery that modifies the shape of the nose.
  • Eyes: eyelid surgery, blephoplasty
    Blepharoplasty is the solution for people with drooping eyelids or bags under the eyes.
  • Ears: people with protruding ears often opt for an
    to modify the position or shape of their ears.
  • Wrinkles and sagging skin: with a neck lift
    neck lift
    or face
    The result is smoother, younger-looking skin. And thanks to
    to fight facial skin aging.

The aim of these surgeries is to revitalize the face, restoring a rejuvenated appearance by erasing the imperfections and wrinkles that occur over time.

Body contouring surgery



To maintain a balanced, satisfying figure, here are the most common plastic operations.

First of all
is one of the most common operations in Belgium. It restores balance to the patient’s silhouette by removing excess fat.

Buttock augmentation is also very popular with patients of aesthetic clinics such as the Claris Clinic. This increase can be achieved by lipofillingThis procedure consists of increasing the volume of the buttocks with your own fat. In this case, the surgeon does not use a foreign body. The placement ofbuttock implants also increases the size and volume of the buttocks. These prostheses are made of silicone.

Another area of intervention is the arm. Over time, or following major weight loss for example, the skin on the arms can become loose and become an embarrassment or a complex. That’s why
arm lift
is a popular solution that restores tone and vigor to your arms.

A more intimate and less frequently performed, but nonetheless common, type of surgery is
. This procedure is designed for women who wish to change the shape and size of their genitals. Also known as labiaplasty, this procedure on the labia minora can be the solution to physical and aesthetic discomfort.

As a result, body contouring surgery can be applied to a wide range of areas, from the arms to the private parts of the body, improving the physical and mental well-being of our patients.

Aesthetic tummy tuck surgery

tummy tuck
aims above all to remove potential excess fat or loose skin. Women who have given birth or who have lost a lot of weight are the most likely to request tummy tuck surgery to treat these problems. More broadly speaking, tummy tucks are primarily used to improve the appearance of the abdominal area.

is a tummy tuck procedure that removes excess skin and fat after pregnancy or weight loss. This operation can be performed for aesthetic purposes, but not exclusively. Excess fat and skin are a significant burden for the patient, and can also cause irritation and discomfort in daily activities.

Liposuction of the abdomen, also known as
tummy liposuction
is also a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to eliminate excess fat for a more balanced abdominal area. It differs from abdominoplasty in that it focuses more on removing excess fat than on re-draping the abdominal area.

Your questions about plastic surgery

How does cosmetic surgery work?

A cosmetic surgery procedure takes place in three stages.

The first step is an information and preparation consultation with your surgeon. This step is simply a discussion with your plastic surgeon to determine your intentions. The surgeon will ask you which procedure you wish to undergo, which complex you wish to correct and, above all, why. Understanding your motivations and your goal is the best way for a specialist to adapt his or her surgical technique to best meet your expectations.

This is also a good time for you to ask any questions you may have to an expert. You’ll be able to discuss your fears, the risks of such an operation, post-operative follow-up, the operation itself and the cost of the procedure.

It’s also a good time to get to know your surgeon and build up a bond of trust with him/her, which is always beneficial for the smooth running of surgery.

The second stage is intervention. The anaesthetist, with whom you will have an appointment beforehand, will ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. The surgeon will then perform the operation. Once the operation is over, you can relax and wake up in the recovery room under the supervision of the nursing staff, before resting peacefully in a room at our clinic.

The third stage is post-operative follow-up. Following the operation, your surgeon will need to monitor your recovery carefully, to ensure that it goes smoothly and without complications.

How much does cosmetic surgery cost in Brussels?

The price of cosmetic surgery can vary from a few hundred to several thousand euros, depending on the operation you choose and the clinic. The cost of such an operation depends on the length of the operation, its complexity and the procedures used. A personalized and transparent estimate will be drawn up with your surgeon during your preliminary consultation.

What are the risks of cosmetic surgery?

The risks of surgery are never zero. The most frequent complications are :

  • infection at the incision site
  • bleeding or bruising following surgery
  • slight asymmetries
  • implant leakage or rupture for procedures involving prosthesis placement
  • patient dissatisfaction and desire for change

Whatever the procedure, the risks are minimized by choosing a reputable clinic and surgeon such as those at the Claris Clinic. Thanks to our professionalism and the expertise of our surgeons, risks are rare and reversible.

Why choose the Claris Clinic for your plastic surgery in Brussels?

The Claris Clinic is renowned in Belgium and Brussels for its high-quality work and professional surgeons. Our patients appreciate the expertise of our specialists and the warm welcome of our nursing staff. When you book an appointment at Claris Clinic, you can be sure of a satisfactory result, in line with the wishes you expressed during your preliminary consultation.

Claris Clinic in Brussels
awaits you at 141 rue Belliard for your pre- or post-operative consultations. Once the intervention has been scheduled, our
Claris Clinic La Hulpe
awaits you on the outskirts of Brussels to perform your cosmetic surgery in a discreet green setting.

We also have a
clinic in the Liège region
easier to reach if you don’t live in the capital.

So don’t hesitate to make an appointment for an initial information consultation with one of our surgeons! We make every effort to ensure your satisfaction and well-being after your plastic surgery procedure.

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