Lanluma® treatment

Lanluma® is both a dermal filler and a collagen inducer. It is used on the face and body to fill lost volume and restore collagen production.

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The principle

Lanluma XLanluma® is a dermal filler based on PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid), a biocompatible substance that stimulates the production of collagen naturally present in the skin. Lanluma® injections are used to restore volume to the face and body, correct signs of skin aging and improve skin quality. Lanluma® is biocompatible and 100% biodegradable.

PLLA microparticles are encapsulated in the tissue just a few days after injection, gradually promoting the production of new collagen. This tissue reaction gradually takes hold, helping to reduce loss of volume and correct wrinkles, fine lines, hollows and folds.

This aesthetic treatment achieves natural results, similar to those of cosmetic surgery, with reduced risks and recovery time.


By stimulating natural collagen production, Lanluma® creates volume and can be used to reshape your face and body. The volumizing effect smoothes out skin irregularities and improves contours for a better-shaped face and figure.

The main indications are as follows:

  • Correct wrinkles and facial folds
  • Restore volume to cheeks, temples and cheekbones
  • Reduce dark circles under the eyes
  • Contour the chin and jawline
  • Improve skin quality on hands and décolleté
  • Contour and reshape the buttocks
  • Treat cellulite and orange-peel skin on thighs, buttocks and stomach.
  • Catch the arms


How a Lanluma® injection session works

A preliminary consultation with an aesthetic doctor will allow us to check your medical history and discuss your expectations. At Claris Clinic, Lanluma® injections are always performed by qualified aesthetic physicians, dermatologists or plastic surgeons.

An injection session generally lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. The doctor begins by cleaning the area to be treated and applying an anaesthetic cream. Lanluma® also contains a local anesthetic for greater comfort during injection and reduced risk of hematoma.

Lanluma® is then injected using a fine cannula (a hollow tube with a blunt tip). The number of injections depends on the area to be treated and the desired result. An ice pack may be applied to the treated area to prevent bruising and reduce swelling.

After the session, you can resume your normal activities immediately.

What results can we expect?

An immediate effect is observed for a limited period. Results are then progressive. After 6 weeks, a visible improvement can be seen: skin depressions are corrected and wrinkles smoothed out. Skin structure is also restored.

Results are achieved gradually over a period of 2 to 3 months, and last for two years. Neocollagenesis (production of new collagen) continues approximately 9 to 10 months after treatment. At the same time, the PLLA will be progressively degraded and completely reabsorbed.

We recommend 2 to 4 sessions spaced two months apart, depending on your expectations.


Precautions to take before and after injections

Three days before the session, it’s important not to take aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs, as they can increase the risk of bleeding and bruising. Alcohol consumption can also increase the risk of hematoma.

After the session, we recommend avoiding the sun, sauna, steam bath and sports for 24 to 48 hours, as they can increase the risk of inflammation and swelling. Avoid alcohol and anti-inflammatory drugs in the hours following injections.

Massage the treated area for 5 minutes, 5 times a day, for 2 weeks, to distribute the product evenly. Do not perform any aesthetic treatment on the injected area.

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What are the possible complications?

As with any medical treatment, Lanluma® injections present risks and potential complications. Common side effects include mild pain, swelling, bruising and redness at the injection site. Much rarer complications may include nodules or granulomas, infections or allergic reactions. That’s why it’s essential to consult an experienced doctor.

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What are the contraindications?
  • Known hypersensitivity to product components
  • Active infection or inflammation in the area to be treated
  • An autoimmune or chronic inflammatory disease
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding.
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Are Lanluma® injections painful?

Most patients experience only mild discomfort. The injected product contains a local anesthetic, and the aesthetic doctor may also use an anesthetic cream for added comfort.

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How much does it cost?

The cost of Lanluma® treatments at Claris Clinic depends on the area to be treated and the quantity of product to be injected:

  • Information consultation from €50 to €70 depending on the doctor
  • Facial injections: €500 per session, €1,350 for 3 sessions
  • Body injections: €850 per session, €2350 for 3 sessions

* Our prices are indicative and include VAT. The precise estimate will be drawn up by the doctor during the consultation.

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