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Build muscle and eliminate fat in just 8 sessions with B-Tonic. This cutting-edge technology uses electromagnetic stimulation to tone the skin and sculpt your figure, all in just 30 minutes per session and with no downtime.

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The operating principle

The B-Tonic is an EMS(electrical muscle stimulation) machine used to strengthen the body‘s muscles. The operating principle of this machine is based on the use of high-intensity electromagnetic waves sent through the muscles, causing muscle contraction. This repeated muscular contraction strengthens muscles, reduces surrounding fat and tones the skin.

Innovative technology

What is B-Tonic?

  • All-new body contouring technology
  • Uses electromagnetic energy (MRI)
  • Equivalent to 36,000 muscular contractions in a single session thanks to EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology
  • Virtually painless

Multiple applications

  • Refines and sculpts your abs
  • Lifts buttocks and thighs
  • Remuscle arms
  • Improves cellulite
  • Visible results after 6 to 8 electric stimulation sessions
  • B-Tonic treatment time: 30 minutes
  • Cycle of 8 sessions per zone

A safe solution for :

Why opt for electrical muscle stimulation?

How a session unfolds

A preliminary consultation with a specialist will confirm the right indication and discuss your expectations.

You’ll be comfortably seated. All metallic items (jewelry, belts, etc.) must be removed. The applicators are placed on the area to be treated and the machine is set up according to the treatment chosen. Powerful but painless muscle contractions are triggered by electrical stimulation. These contractions are called supramaximal, meaning that they cannot be achieved voluntarily. The session generally lasts between 20 and 30 minutes.

There is no social exclusion, and you can resume your activities immediately. We recommend 2 to 3 sessions of electrical muscle stimulation per week for the most effective results.

The results

The number of electrical stimulation sessions required depends on each person and their individual goals. In general, however, a series of at least 8 sessions is recommended for optimum results. Regular maintenance is also required to maintain results.

There is an average 18% gain in existing muscle mass and a 23% reduction in body fat. New muscle fibers also appear.

B-Tonic treatment can be used alone or in conjunction with other aesthetic body contouring treatments, such as cryolipolysis, Morpheus 8® or liposculpture.

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What are the contraindications?

B-Tonic should not be used on people with heart disease, pacemakers or stents.

Patients with epilepsy, cancer, diabetes or circulatory disorders are also contraindicated. The machine must not be used on pregnant or nursing women. All metal implants must be reported to the specialist.

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What are the possible side effects and complications?

The most common side effects are mild muscle pain and reddening of the skin. Although this treatment is considered safe, it is important to consult a specialist before starting treatment to rule out contraindications and minimize risks.

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How much does it cost*?

Information consultation and quotation: free

8-session subscription (valid for one year): €895

Additional session: €125

*Our prices are indicative and include VAT. The precise estimate will be drawn up by the specialist during the consultation.

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