Rhinoplasty aims toenhance the shape of the nose by correcting any imperfections.

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Before the operation

The surgeon studies the nasal pyramid and its relationship with the rest of the face, taking into account the patient’s motivations and requests. The pre-operative check-up is carried out as prescribed, and the meeting with the anaesthetist takes place no later than 48 hours before the operation.

DAY D – 30: It is strongly recommended to stop smoking.
DAY D – 10: No more aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Some types of anesthesia require you to fast 6 hours before the procedure.

The intervention

Average duration: between 1 and 3 hours 30 minutes.

Rhinoplasty incisions are concealed inside the nostrils (“closed” rhinoplasty) or under the tip of the nose (“open” rhinoplasty), so that no scars are visible on the outside.

From these incisions, the skin covering the bony framework is peeled away, so that the osteo-cartilaginous structure (framework of the nose) can be reached and corrected. Sutures are made with very fine (absorbable) sutures inside the nose.

At the end of the procedure, a shaping dressing is applied to the surface of the nose using small adhesive strips. A plaster cast is sometimes applied and intranasal drill bits are placed.

After the operation

The post-operative period following rhinoplasty is rarely painful, the main inconvenience being the inability to breathe through the nose. Edema (swelling) and bruising of the eyelids may occur. It is advisable to rest and not exert yourself in the days following the operation. It is also advisable to sleep with your head elevated.

The drill bits are removed around the 3rd day after surgery, and the cast is removed around the 7th day after surgery. Depending on the extent of the bruising, a return to social and professional life can be envisaged after 10 to 20 days.

The result

A minimum of 6 to 9 months is necessary to get a good idea of the result of rhinoplasty, bearing in mind that the final appearance will only be obtained after at least a year.

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