Clinic for aesthetic surgery
and medicine in Brussels

1st Elipse center of excellence in Europe

The Claris Clinic continues to welcome you as safely as possible.
Please find here the most up to date information (update 04/20/2021)

The Clinic

Close to Brussels, Claris Clinic is located in the heart of the wooded surroundings of the Hotel Dolce La Hulpe.
The building is easily accessible and has a large car park. It is dedicated exclusively to our activities.

Aesthetic surgery

The surgical procedures offered at Claris Clinic are all “one-day” procedures, so you can leave the clinic on the day of the procedure. Our team of surgeons, among the most qualified, offers you the most advanced techniques to meet your expectations in terms of aesthetic surgery.

Aesthetic medicine

Our various non-surgical programmes, such as laser depilation, cryolipolysis, cellulite treatment, wrinkle reduction or overweight control allow us to address the many concerns of our patients.

Weight loss

The Elipse Program is a complete 6-month weight loss program that combines a state-of-the-art generation gastric balloon with a follow-up tailored to your specific needs.

Claris Clinic is the 1st Allurion center of excellence in Europe.

Claris Clinic brings together experienced and recognised professionals who are always ready to meet your expectations in the best possible way.

A listening ear for our patients

Our team takes care of the patients’ needs down to the last detail.
You are guaranteed an appropriate response to your request.