Plastie abdominale


The aim of abdominoplasty is toremove distended, scarred or stretch marks and tighten the surrounding healthy skin on the abdomen.

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The most common indications

The skin on the stomach is distended or damaged by scars or stretch marks. Excess fat in the abdomen or flanks can be removed by combining this procedure with liposuction.

Before the operation

The pre-operative check-up is carried out as prescribed, and the meeting with the anaesthetist takes place no later than 48 hours before the operation.

DAY 30: Smoking cessation is strongly recommended, and in the case of associated risk factors, discontinuation of oral contraception may be requested.
DAY D – 10: No more aspirin-containing medication can be taken.

Some types of anesthesia require you to fast 6 hours before the procedure.

The intervention

Average time: 1 hour 30 minutes to 3 hours.
The procedure involves removing a spindle of skin between the umbilicus and the pubis, and then re-draping the healthy skin, usually above the navel, downwards. The muscle wall is tightened if necessary. The umbilicus is preserved and returned to its normal position through an incision made in the lowered skin. Most often, the scar is located at the upper edge of the pubic hair and extends more or less far into the groin folds. At the end of the procedure, a shaping dressing is applied, along with a compression girdle.

After the operation

The after-effects of abdominoplasty can be painful, especially if the muscle wall has been tightened or if liposuction has been performed. For the first few days, we recommend resting on your back as much as possible, and avoiding any violent exertion. Sutures are removed between days 10 and 14 after surgery, and the compression girdle must be worn day and night for 4 to 6 weeks.

Resumption of work depends on the type of professional activity, but can be envisaged as early as day 8 for light work. Sports activities can be resumed around the 6th week.

The result

It takes a year to judge the results of an abdominoplasty, even if the scar never disappears completely. In addition to aesthetic enhancement, tummy tucks generally offer a clear improvement in comfort.

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