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Breast augmentation in Belgium

Treat yourself to a harmonious silhouette thanks to the expertise of Claris Clinic surgeons.

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What is breast augmentation?

implant changeL’breast augmentation is a type of
breast surgery
very common among women today. It consists of embellishing the shape of
and increase breast size, to give the patient a harmonious and balanced harmonious, balanced figure.

What does the operation involve? The surgeon makes an incision to place the chosen implant in front of or behind the pectoral muscle.

Implants, also known as prostheses, come in a variety of shapes and sizes to best suit your morphology and expectations. These prostheses are generally made of siliconeand discuss your expectations of the size and shape you want with your surgeon.

If you wish to undergo
breast augmentation
an information consultation with one of our surgeons is necessary in order to discuss your motivations and the expected result in advance. The aim is to make sure that the intervention matches your wishes.

Why have breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation, as its name suggests, allows you to increase breast volume. So it’s a good solution for women complexed by the size of their breasts who can regain their self-confidence. This aesthetic procedure also makes it possible to correct asymmetries. Sometimes, breasts are not the same size or shape. This
can be due to several very different factors:

  • genetic factors,
  • hormonal changes,
  • pregnancy,
  • weight loss,
  • breastfeeding…

It is also the preferred option for women who have undergone mastectomy after breast cancer. Breast augmentation restores balance and symmetry by adapting the silicone implant to the patient’s desired correction.

Women seeking breast augmentation often regain their self-confidence after the operation. Breast augmentation makes it possible to feel better about yourself and in his body. Breast augmentation not only has physical consequences on the patient’s body, it also has psychological consequences, resulting in a renewed confidence.

post increase

The course of a breast augmentation operation

Pre-operation consultation

A breast augmentation is not a trivial aesthetic operation. That’s why it’s important and necessary to discuss your motivations and desired results with a professional surgeon beforehand. You can also ask any your questions. This is the purpose of this preliminary consultation. Our surgeons will check and determine several parameters during this appointment:

  • Your health : health is a determining factor. Our specialist will check your physical condition. He will make sure you have no health problems that could complicate the plastic surgery procedure.
  • Your motivations : The most important part of this consultation is the discussion of your wishes and motivations. You will then discuss the desired size and shape of your future implants.
  • Implants: Our specialist will show you the prostheses and inform you of the options available in terms of material, shape and size.
  • Anesthesia: If you decide to go ahead with the process, an appointment with one of our anesthetists will also be scheduled.

This preliminary consultation will also create a relationship of trust between you and the surgeon, which will make the operation more serene and pleasant.

During the operation

The operation is performed under general anaesthetic and lasts about 45 minutes. The operation usually involves the surgeon making a small incision under the patient’s breasts to place the implants in the pectoral muscles. The prosthesis can be placed behind or in front of the pectoral muscle.

Once the prosthesis is in place, the surgeon closes the incision, and the patient is taken to the recovery room, where her recovery is monitored before she rests quietly in her room.

Post-operative follow-up

PluSeveral follow-up appointments will be scheduled with your surgeon after the operation. You will be able to discuss the results of the operation and the precautions to be taken to ensure a safe and healthy operation. fast and effective healing of your new breasts.

The purpose of these consultations is to check that progress is going well, that the implants are correctly placed and that there are no complications. Visit recovery time is generally 4 to 7 days. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask questions.

Further consultations are planned to set up a regular regular follow-up and to ensure that you are getting used to the silicone prostheseswithout discomfort or complication.

Potential risks of breast augmentation

Although there are risksthese are quite rare if you use a trusted and expert clinic such as the Claris Clinic. What are the potential risks?

implant change

Implant complications: Although rare, rupture or leakage of the prosthesis can occur, necessitating removal or replacement.

Physical complications : As with any surgical procedure, there is a small risk of infection. Hematomas can sometimes appear on the breasts, but don’t worry, our specialists are able to manage this type of undesirable effect.

Aesthetic complications : slight asymmetry may occur, as well as complications around the scar.

Once again, these complications are rare and reversible. Visit scar for breast augmentation is usually 3 cm.

Which implants are right for breast augmentation in Belgium?

Implant selection

During the preliminary consultation, you will discuss breast shape and size you wish to obtain. There are several types of breast implants :

  • The round implant: This prosthesis is round and gives a rounded appearance to the breasts.
  • Anatomical implant: This “teardrop” prosthesis reproduces the natural shape of the breast.

The ergonomic implant: This round prosthesis adapts to the natural shape of the breasts and avoids the risk of implant rotation.

Choice of implant volume

The volume of the silicone prosthesis will depend on your figure and your wishes at the end of the procedure. The greater the desired increase, the greater the volume (in cubic centimetres) of your implant. This volume can range from 250 to 600 cc.

Our specialist surgeon will help you in your choice of implant to maintain a natural profile compatible with your morphology. Taking your morphology into account is essential to avoid any discomfort after the operation. In fact, an excessively heavy chest can lead to posture problems and complications. That’s why our expert is here to guide you in your choice of breast prostheses.

implant change

Implant placement during surgery

There are different ways of placing a prosthesis during breast augmentation. The procedure is discussed in advance between the surgeon and the patient.

  • Peri-areolar scar : the incision is made on or around the areola. It’s small, but more visible.
  • Axillary scar : the incision is made in the armpit. It is wider, but does not touch the breast.
  • Inframammary scar : the incision is made under the breast. It is widely used, as it is practical and inconspicuous.

Once the incision has been made, the implant is placed either behind or in front of the pectoralis muscle. The most common and least risky technique is implantation above the pectoral muscle. A third technique, the dual plane, involves placing the implant partially under the pectoral muscle. The result is quite natural and comfortable for the patient.

Placement of the silicone prosthesis behind the muscle is generally reserved for women with little breast tissue.

Lifespan of breast implants

breast lipofillingWithout complications, silicone breast forms can last 10 to 15 years at the very least! However, these factors depend on the material, volume and health of the patient. It is therefore essential to discuss this with your surgeon and to take the necessary precautions. post-operative consultations recommended.

Occasionally, the prosthesis may leak, become deformed or displace, making it necessary to replace it.

It is of course possible to
change your breast implants
if you wish to change the aesthetics, shape or volume of your breasts. Talk to your plastic surgeon during a consultation.

Why choose the Claris Clinic for breast augmentation in Belgium?

A clinic renowned throughout Belgium

A breast augmentation is a surgical procedure not to be taken lightly. That’s why it’s so important to choose a trust clinic. Visit
Claris Clinic
is renowned for its professionalism and the high satisfaction rate of patients who undergo breast augmentation or any other
cosmetic surgery

Our clinics comply with the safety regulations of the Belgian Society for Private Clinics and use state-of-the-art equipment that meets the most stringent standards. That’s why our operating theatres have been awarded ISO5 classification by the Conseil Supérieur de Santé. Everything is in place to make you feel at home. safety and at ease in our clinic and with our specialists.

Professional, specialized surgeons

All Claris Clinic surgeons are renowned health professionals. All are certified members of the Belgian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SBCPRE).

Our team is here for you, and we have selected the
the best surgeons
from Belgium to meet your breast augmentation needs. All our staff will put you at ease and make sure you have a great time. serene throughout the procedure.

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If you would like to have your breasts augmented, you can book an appointment now.
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We have three offices in Belgium. Our clinics in
will welcome you for information consultations and post-operative appointments. Our operating theatres are located in our clinic in
La Hulpe
where the day surgery will take place.

If you have any questions,
please contact our team
and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Claris Clinic: A national benchmark in cosmetic surgery

We have collected several testimonials from patients who have undergone breast augmentation at the Claris Clinic. In fact, it’s important to find out about the practices of the clinic where you’re considering breast augmentation. That’s why reading testimonials from other patients can help you make your choice, and reassure you about the clinic’s professionalism.

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"I would like to warmly thank the entire Claris Clinic team for my breast augmentation! The surgeon put me at ease as soon as I arrived, listened to my expectations and the result is top notch! So thank you for helping me make my dream come true, in a superb atmosphere and with good support. I can therefore only recommend the Claris Clinic for any cosmetic surgery operation, and in particular for the breast augmentation that I carried out myself."
Amélie Lefevre
"Top-notch service. I felt very comfortable throughout the operation, from the first appointment to the post-operative one. I was able to choose the silicone implants I wanted and the surgeon gave me good advice. My new breasts fit in perfectly with my figure after this breast augmentation. So I'd recommend Claris Clinic if you're looking for professional cosmetic operations."
Léonie Renardell
"I'm delighted to share my experience at the Claris Clinic in La Hulpe. I love the results. I am extremely satisfied with my implants and my new breasts after my operation. Thank you to the whole team for your kindness and understanding. I used to have a complex about my small breasts, but I regained confidence in my physique and in my breasts after this breast augmentation, which was carried out perfectly. I had no complications whatsoever after the operation. Thank you again for your exemplary professionalism and welcome."
Caroline Verdier

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Claris Clinic La HulpeLocated in La Hulpe, Claris Clinic enjoys a strategic location, nestling on the edge of the Ring Road in the heart of the Forêt de Soignes. This privileged location, not far from major traffic arteries such as the Brussels Ring Road or Zaventem airport, makes it an easily accessible destination, whether you’re coming from Brussels or any other Belgian region. Surgeries are carried out in this green setting, with ample parking to facilitate your visit. For a complete experience, the Dolce hotel infrastructure is ideally located in the immediate vicinity.

For added convenience, two other clinics are available for consultations and post-operative care. Our clinic in the European Quarter, in the heart of Brussels, is easily accessible by public transport. Our Chaudfontaine facility is just 15 minutes from Liège, and is accessible by both public transport and car, with ample parking to make your visit easier.

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