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Breast augmentation in Brussels

Treat yourself to a harmonious silhouette thanks to the expertise of Claris Clinic surgeons.

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What is breast augmentation surgery?

breast lipofillingA
breast augmentation
is a surgical procedure performed on the patient’s breasts to modify the size and/or shape of the
. To achieve this, prostheses, usually made of silicone, are placed in the breast in the desired size. The result is an increase in volume. This
plastic surgery
is widely practiced by plastic surgeons today.

The procedure involves making an incision in the patient’s breasts to place breast implants in front of or behind the pectoral muscle. Of course, there are many different implant shapes, volumes and materials, as well as incision and placement techniques.

Why choose breast augmentation?

The majority of breast augmentation patients consider their breasts to be
too small
. This operation is therefore a way for some women to gain self-confidence. There are many reasons why some women want to have their breasts augmented:

  • A small breasts : Some patients have a complex about the size of their breasts, so they seek out an aesthetic clinic to gain one or more cup sizes with a breast prosthesis.
  • A asymmetry : from birth, after pregnancy, following weight loss… The breasts can sometimes be
    shape or size, which can be disturbing for some women. That’s why they call on a renowned aesthetic clinic such as the Claris Clinic for breast augmentation surgery.

Asymmetry can also be caused by mastectomy in women affected by breast cancer. In this case, breast augmentation is also a solution for correcting this asymmetry and re-establishing a more balanced breast. optimal balance for patients.

Whatever the reason, the result of a successful breast augmentation is always positive. Patients who undergo breast augmentation at the Claris Clinic emerge with greater self-confidence, fulfilled and better in their bodies. That’s why we’re here to support you in your project and meet your expectations.

breast reduction

How does breast augmentation work?

Preliminary consultation

An initial consultation with our surgeon is essential. What’s the appointment for?

  • For the patient, the aim is to explain her expectations regarding the result of the breast augmentation. This time is dedicated to discussion, and you can ask any questions you may have. questions and express your doubts and questions. This is also the time to explain why you want this cosmetic operation.

For the surgeon, the purpose of this consultation is to understand your motivations and to guide you in your choices. At this meeting, our specialist’s expertise will enable you to learn all about the challenges and best practices of a breast augmentation. It also shows you the different options and sizes of prostheses for better visualization.

Operation sequence

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that requires general anaesthesia. general anaesthetic. A consultation with an anaesthetist will therefore be scheduled before the operation.

The procedure lasts approximately 45 minutesduring which our plastic surgeon will place the implants chosen beforehand. This operation involves making an incision in the breast or armpit to place the implant above or below the pectoral muscle. These choices depend on your preferences and your morphology, but also on the volume of the silicone prosthesis selected.

Once the operation is over, you can wake up peacefully in our clinic’s recovery room before resting for a few hours in one of our comfortable rooms.

After the operation

The post-operative follow-up is an essential step in the successful completion of breast augmentation. If you have any questions or concerns, our team of surgeons at our Brussels clinic will be happy to help.

Our experts will give you advice on how to recover properly and avoid complications:

  • Activities to be avoided and those permitted
  • Recommended post-operative care
  • Potential symptoms to watch out for
  • Recovery time, generally 4 to 7 days

This is also when you can book appointments at our
Brussels clinic
to monitor the healing of your breasts. During these consultations, the surgeon will check that there are no no complications and that your breast prostheses fit properly.

What are the risks of breast augmentation?

Breast augmentationFirst of all, it’s important to remember that when choosing a
clinic in Brussels
professional and reputableYou should minimize the risk of complications. It is essential to choose a clinic and surgeons who are experts in their field for a quality surgical procedure.

However, there are a few risks as with all breast surgery. Here they are:

  • Infection: the incision may be the source of infection.
  • Implant leakage, reversal or rupture: the silicone prosthesis must be replaced.
  • Healing: sometimes the scar is larger or more noticeable than expected.
    to minimize the impact of this complication.

Another risk is dissatisfaction with the expected result. Sometimes a little asymmetry remains, or aesthetic tastes simply change. But these complications are easily avoidable if you take the time to discuss them with your surgeon in Brussels.

Which implants for your breast augmentation in Brussels?

Choose your implant: shape, material and volume

The shape of your breast implant

You have a choice of shapes for your breast prosthesis:

  • The round implant: This prosthesis is round and gives a rounded, plump appearance to the breasts.
  • Anatomical implant: This teardrop-shaped prosthesis gives breasts a more natural appearance.
  • The ergonomic implant: This prosthesis is round, but less filled than the first, which also gives a natural effect to the breasts and limits the risk of the silicone prosthesis turning inside out.

The choice will be made according to your expectations and your breasts, and our surgeon will explain the advantages and disadvantages to you. advantages and disadvantages of each option.

The materials used in your breast prostheses

Your breast implants can also be made of different materials. The most common is the siliconebut some can also be filled with saline solution.

Silicone prostheses offer a natural feel and adapt to your morphology. However, it is important to have regular check-ups to detect silent ruptures.

Saline breast forms allow the amount of solution to be adjusted after the operation. This makes it easier to modulate the volume of your breasts, and leakage is easier to detect. However, the sensation is less natural and may be uncomfortable for some patients. For all these reasons, this alternative is rarely used.

The volume of your breast implant

The volume of the silicone implant depends above all on the patient’s desired result. If you would like to take one or more cup sizesthe volume will logically be greater or lesser. It all depends on how big you want your breasts to be and how big they are now.

However, you will need to discuss this with your surgeon, who will be able to guide you in your choice. It’s important to listen to the advice of an expert who can tell you whether your choice is the right one for you. Breast implants that are too large for your natural breasts could lead to postural complications.


Prosthesis placement during breast augmentation

Once the silicone prostheses have been chosen, the operation can be scheduled. The incision can be made in three different places:

Peri-areolar incision which leaves a scar at areola level on the breasts,

  • Inframammary incision which leaves a scar in the fold under the breast, is the most frequently used incision,
  • Axillary incision which leaves a scar in the armpit.

There are three possible positions for implants commonly used in breast augmentation:

  • In front of the pectoral muscle: this is the most common and simplest method, since the surgeon does not need to touch the pectoral muscles.
  • Behind the pectoral muscle: more complex, this technique is reserved for patients with little breast tissue in the chest, which means the prosthesis has to be placed under the muscle.

Dual plane: the silicone implant is placed partially under the pectoral muscle, for a more comfortable, natural look.

How long can I keep a breast implant?

Breast reductionThe lifespan of breast implants can vary from 10 to 15 years about. The length of time depends on the patient and the type of implant chosen.

However, it is necessary to consult a surgeon for regular follow-up in order to detect potential complications at an early stage. potential complications such as :

  • Silicone implant rupture,
  • Prosthesis leakage,
  • Implant reversal or displacement,
  • A complication in the incision scar…

You can also consult one of our surgeons in Brussels to ask your questions or to consider a change. Some of our patients come to us to change their implant shape or volume.

Why choose the Claris Clinic for breast augmentation in Brussels?

A renowned clinic in Brussels

The Claris Clinic in Brussels is accredited by the Agence Fédérale des Médicaments et des Produits de Santé. So you can rest assured that the quality and professionalism of our breast surgery procedures.

We are also equipped with best technologies to make your breast augmentation a success and meet your expectations.

Quality service for your consultations in Brussels

Our premises are organized to give you the best possible welcome. What’s more, being in the heart of Brussels, Claris Clinic Brussels is very easy accessvery close to Schuman station and the metro.

Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and advise you. Our team members are experienced and carefully selected to guarantee you exemplary, high-quality service.

Book a consultation at Claris Clinic today

Our Brussels clinic is located at 141 rue Belliard, near the center of the Belgian capital. We’re open Tuesday to Saturday, 9:30am to 5:30pm.

Our team welcomes you in the best conditions for your preliminary consultation, as well as for your follow-up appointments after the operation. You can also undergo aesthetic treatments such as injections.

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now and select the service you require from :

It should be noted that it is at the
Claris Clinic in La Hulpe
At our surgical center, your breast augmentation will be performed. Less than 30 minutes from Brussels, on the outskirts of the city, our clinic in La Hulpe opens its doors to you in a corner of greenery, perfect for relaxing and performing a breast augmentation surgery.

So, for your breast augmentation, our experts and surgeons, who are among the
best surgeons
from Belgium, welcome you to Brussels for information and preparation meetings! Our team in La Hulpe will take over the surgery after your various pre-operative consultations.

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Claris Clinic: A national benchmark in cosmetic surgery

All our patients are satisfied with the results of their breast augmentation. Here are a few testimonials about their time at the Claris Clinic in Brussels.

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"I was reluctant to take the plunge and have a breast augmentation, because I felt bad about myself. So I booked a consultation at the Claris Clinic in Brussels, where I was able to discuss all my doubts and ask all my questions. I then booked an appointment at the clinic in La Hulpe for the operation, and I'm extremely satisfied with the result. I now feel better in my body, my breasts are beautiful and natural, and I've regained my confidence. Thank you to the Claris Clinic team for your kind welcome and hard work!"
Séverine Teralme
"I wanted to gain two cup sizes, so I made an appointment at the Claris Clinic in Brussels to find out what was possible. They explained everything very well, taking into account my opinion and my motivations. I felt listened to. I'm very happy with the result, because my breasts look exactly as I wanted them to. The scars under my breasts are almost invisible. So I'd like to thank the surgeons at La Hulpe and the staff in Brussels who helped and guided me in my choice."
Magalie Marilet-Debrun
"I absolutely recommend the Claris Clinic in Brussels! I haven't yet had my breast augmentation in La Hulpe, but my consultation in Brussels was very informative. I learned so much, and now feel ready to make my choice. I didn't really know what to expect, but I was reassured by the professionalism and friendliness of the team. They immediately put me at ease, and patiently and transparently answered all my questions. So, whether you're having a breast augmentation or not, this appointment is essential and very interesting!"
Marion Labrik

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Claris Clinic La HulpeLocated in La Hulpe, Claris Clinic enjoys a strategic location, nestling on the edge of the Ring Road in the heart of the Forêt de Soignes. This privileged location, not far from major traffic arteries such as the Brussels Ring Road or Zaventem airport, makes it an easily accessible destination, whether you’re coming from Brussels or any other Belgian region. Surgeries are carried out in this green setting, with ample parking to facilitate your visit. For a complete experience, the Dolce hotel infrastructure is ideally located in the immediate vicinity.

For added convenience, two other clinics are available for consultations and post-operative care. Our clinic in the European Quarter, in the heart of Brussels, is easily accessible by public transport. As for our Chaudfontaine facility near Liège, it’s just as easily accessible by public transport as by car, and has ample parking for your convenience.

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