Hair loss can be one of the most frustrating and embarrassing problems for both men and women. There are, of course, solutions, such as drugs or transplants, but these often come with side effects, significant cost or prolonged downtime and, most importantly, they don’t treat the underlying cause.

PRP treatment for hair loss: myth or reality?

While hormones, nutrition and stress reduction all play an essential role in restoring hair growth, with PRP you can now naturally enable new hair growth at an affordable cost, with no downtime and no side effects.

PRP treatment for hair

What is PRP treatment for hair?

PRP stands for “Platelet Rich Plasma”. It is the latest and most innovative hair restoration treatment available in Belgium.

This involves injecting platelet-rich plasma into the scalp to stimulate the production of new hair follicles and strengthen existing hair.

Platelet-rich plasma is obtained by withdrawing a small quantity of the patient’s blood and centrifuging it to separate the various components. The plasma, which contains numerous growth and repair factors, is then injected into the scalp using a fine needle.

It’s a type of therapy that has proved effective in many medical fields (such as wound healing) and is now being applied to hair loss.

How does PRP work for hair?

Platelets contain healing growth factors, which send signals to your tissues to regenerate and multiply. PRP offers the same kind of benefits when injected into your scalp. With PRP for hair, your own growth factors and stem cells work together to reverse hair follicle shrinkage while stimulating dormant hair in the growth phase.

How effective is PRP for hair loss?

Results vary from patient to patient. When patients are good candidates and follow the treatment procedure scrupulously, they can very often achieve excellent results.

Before/After PRP treatment for hair

What does the process look like?

Blood is drawn in the same way as a conventional blood test, and then placed in a centrifuge to extract your platelet-rich plasma. Your platelets are then drawn into a syringe and injected into the target areas of your scalp, using a special needle. Most patients experience no pain or discomfort. This process is repeated 3 times at one-month intervals, followed by maintenance treatments if necessary, usually every 12 months.

What are the advantages of PRP treatment in Belgium?

  • Non-surgical, minimally invasive method
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Stimulates natural hair growth
  • Improves hair density and thickness
  • Few side effects and short recovery times
  • Lasting results

What happens next?

PRP for hair restoration increases the blood supply to hair follicles. This means that the process increases hair size and thickness, triggers the growth phase, controls the growth cycle and reduces future hair loss. All using only your own cells and growth factors. Results are generally visible after the 2nd session. They’ll help you feel better

As this is a non-surgical procedure, recovery is almost immediate. Most patients are able to return to work on leaving the clinic, with minimal discomfort at the injection site.

How much does a PRP hair treatment cost?

The price of PRP hair injections in Belgium varies according to the clinic and the number of sessions required. Typical prices range from 300 to 500 euros per session. We recommend consulting a specialist for a customized quote.

Where can I find a PRP hair specialist in Belgium?

To find a specialist in PRP for hair in Belgium, we recommend you search online and consult the reviews of patients who have already undergone this treatment. You can also ask your GP or dermatologist for recommendations. Be sure to choose a reputable clinic and a qualified specialist with experience in PRP treatment for hair.


Plasma injections for hair in Belgium are a promising non-surgical option for combating hair loss and promoting regrowth. By educating yourself about the treatment and choosing an experienced specialist, you can achieve satisfactory results in improving the density and thickness of your hair. Don’t hesitate to consult a specialist to discuss your specific needs and determine whether PRP treatment for hair is the right solution for you.