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Cosmetic surgery in Belgium

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What is cosmetic surgery?



Aesthetic surgery is, as the name suggests, a surgical specialty that modifies a patient’s physical appearance. It’s also known as plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery can be performed on any part of the body, including the face, breasts, stomach and figure.

In Belgium, the most commonly requested plastic surgery operations carried out in clinics are breast augmentation and liposuction. The aim of breast augmentation is to modify the size and/or shape of the breasts to create fuller, more harmonious breasts. Liposuction removes excess fat and reshapes the body.

Why undergo cosmetic surgery?

Although cosmetic, plastic surgery is first and foremost a way to feel better about yourself. Here are some of the reasons why you may choose to undergo cosmetic surgery:

  • A rejuvenating effect by reducing wrinkles or correcting areas of sagging skin.
  • Correct an asymmetry or malformation, whether genetic, caused by cancer, childbirth or any other reason. Breast asymmetries can be corrected with implants, for example.
  • Erasing discomfort to feel better about yourself. Excess skin after weight loss is often embarrassing, and removing it helps you regain strength and confidence.

Whatever the operation, and whatever the reason, cosmetic surgery operations generally result in a renewed confidence.

What’s more, by choosing a reputable clinic like Claris Clinic, you’re guaranteed to get the results you want and feel better about your body.


The different types of cosmetic surgery

Here’s an overview of the most common types of cosmetic surgery.

Breast surgery

breast surgery
is a branch of cosmetic surgery that modifies the shape, size or volume of your breasts to create a more harmonious silhouette. There are many options for a result that matches your motivations and desires:

  • Breast augmentation
    Breast enlargement: this operation is designed to increase the size of your breasts, in order to obtain fuller or more balanced breasts.

  • Breast lift
    Breast lift: the aim of this procedure is to restore tone to the breasts that have been lost over time, as a result of weight loss or maternity.
  • Breast reduction Breast reduction: unlike breast augmentation, breast reduction aims to reduce the volume of your breasts. Indeed, breasts that are too heavy and voluminous can become a nuisance, or even lead to complications such as poor posture.

  • Breast lipofilling
    Quite similar to breast augmentation, this operation modifies the shape and/or volume of the breasts, but using your own fat, which the surgeon injects into your breasts.
  • Changing implants : Breast implant replacement is usually carried out when a silicone implant reaches the end of its life, or when it leaks. Breast prostheses can also be replaced for purely aesthetic reasons.
  • Gynecomastia : Dedicated to men, this procedure is designed for those who suffer from excessive breast tissue development. The operation makes the torso flat and firm.

All these breast operations are designed to balance your figure and give you a boost of confidence. In fact, breast surgery is often a way of feeling better about oneself and one’s body.

Facial surgery

facial surgery
redefines facial features for improved facial harmony. Surgical procedures on the face (eyes, cheekbones, mouth…) often aim to erase a “tired” look and restore vitality to the face. Facial surgery procedures target different areas, such as the eyelids with the
for the nose or
for the ears. Facelift operations are also very common among our patients, whether to smooth

Body contouring surgery

There are many ways to harmonize your figure.

  • Liposuction
    Liposuction eliminates stubborn excess fat and reshapes the silhouette.

  • Arm lift
    Arm lift: The arm lift rejuvenates the appearance of your arms by removing excess skin, usually related to weight loss or aging.

  • Lipofilling
    By injecting your own fat, lipofilling enables you to add volume to a selected area, such as the buttocks with gluteal lipofilling.

  • Buttock implants
    Like buttock lipofilling, the volume and shape of the buttocks are modified, but this time using implants, usually made of silicone.

  • Nymphoplasty
    Also known as labiaplasty, this intimate surgery procedure modifies the size or shape of the labia.

LipofillingAesthetic tummy tuck surgery

tummy tuck surgery
is often performed to correct sagging skin, or to remove excess fat and skin.

Sagging skin is quite common after considerable weight loss or childbirth.

There are several types of tummy tuck surgery:

  • L’
    redefines the contours of the abdominal profile by removing excess fat and tightening the skin.
  • The
    tummy liposuction
    Liposuction of the abdomen: eliminates excess fat and therefore seeks to harmonize the belly areas.

Your questions about plastic surgery

How does cosmetic surgery work?

There are three major steps to successful cosmetic surgery.

Pre-procedure consultation

First, the preliminary information consultation. Before any surgery, it is essential to make an appointment with your surgeon at your renowned clinic to discuss and exchange ideas about the upcoming operation. This is the time for you to ask your questions and explain your motivations to your plastic surgeon. This is also the time for our expert to fully understand your expectations, with the aim of matching the result to your wishes as precisely as possible.

The surgeon will also advise you on how to perform an operation in harmony with your morphology. For example, too much breast enlargement can cause problems for your posture. At the Claris Clinic, we maintain a realistic and transparent discourse regarding the results of the procedure, so that you can make an informed decision.

The cosmetic surgery operation: procedure

The second step is theoperationin accordance with what has been established in advance with your surgeon. Operations are performed under anesthesia, usually general, and the duration depends on the complexity of the operation. A breast augmentation, for example, takes around 45 minutes. The surgical techniques used during the operation will depend on the type of procedure you require. They may include incisions, implant placement, tissue correction or other methods. Once the operation is over, you are placed in the recovery room to wake up and recuperate before being taken to one of our rooms to rest.

Post-operative care for a speedy recovery

The third and final stage is the post-operative follow-up. The surgeon will tell you the recovery time and the best reflexes to take to recover as quickly as possible. You’ll know what medications to take, what activities not to do and how to avoid complications. A good post-operative follow-up includes regular consultations with your surgeon. You’ll be able to get expert advice on your recovery, ask any questions you may have, and consider potential changes or new cosmetic operations if you wish.

How much does cosmetic surgery cost?

The price of a cosmetic operation obviously depends on the operation, its complexity and duration, but also on the methods used. As each patient and operation is unique, a personalized estimate will be drawn up with your surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. Injections, for example, can cost a few hundred euros, while more complex operations such as implant placement can cost several thousand euros.

What are the risks of cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery remains a surgical procedure, and is therefore invasive. That’s why it’s essential to choose a reputable clinic like the Claris Clinic to minimize the risks of such procedures. But the risks are never zero. Your surgeon will inform you in advance of the operation of all potential risks, in full transparency.

The most common complications are infections, post-operative bleeding and haematomas, cosmetic imperfections or slight asymmetries. Fortunately, these risks are rare and reversible.


Why choose the Claris Clinic for your plastic surgery in Belgium?

Quality service in Belgium

By choosing a specialized, recognized clinic, you can ensure the success of your cosmetic surgery operation, while reducing the risks and complications that sometimes follow these procedures. Our main objective is to perform aesthetic operations of the highest quality, in order to best meet your expectations.

A professional, attentive team

When you choose the Claris Clinic in Belgium, you can also be sure of a warm welcome. Our facilities in Brussels, Liège and La Hulpe are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure your comfort. What’s more, we select our staff with the utmost rigor to offer you the highest quality service.

Last but not least, our surgeons are all renowned in their specialties, so we can make your dreams come true!

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