Chirurgie mammaire

Breast surgery in Mons

We offer you a new, harmonious and balanced silhouette thanks to our expertise in breast surgery.

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Claris Clinic, your breast surgery clinic near Mons

Since its creation, the Claris Clinic has distinguished itself in the field of cosmetic surgery through the excellence of its procedures and its professionalism. We are committed to providing you with access to the highest quality services and the most qualified plastic surgeons, ensuring that your breast surgery is a success and that you feel fulfilled. Our team of surgeons, experts in aesthetic and breast surgery, perform over 1,000 aesthetic procedures a year, testifying to their vast experience.

Breast surgery near Mons

What is breast surgery?Breast reduction


Breast surgery is part of cosmetic surgery. It consists of modifying the size or shape of the breasts according to the patient’s wishes. Although breast surgery is very often performed primarily to eliminate a complex, it can also have a functional impact if the patient’s daily life is affected by her breasts, particularly because of their excessive size.

Whatever your motivations, our surgeons, whose reputation extends beyond Belgium’s borders, offer you personalized support to meet your expectations.

Why have breast surgery?

The primary objective of breast plastic surgery is to restore your confidence by meeting the expectations you have expressed to your surgeon. Breast surgery allows women, as well as men, for certain types of procedures, to achieve the following:

  • increase breast volume
  • reduce breast size
  • offer a lasting solution to sagging breasts
  • correct breast asymmetry
  • design a flat, muscular torso


How does breast surgery work?

Before the operation

The preliminary consultation is a key step in your breast surgery process. This privileged exchange with your surgeon is an opportunity to establish a bond of trust and to express your wishes, expectations and motivations regarding the surgery you wish to have. Our expert’s role is to guide you, and to detail the possible risks of surgery, the expected results and the cost of the operation, providing you with a precise and transparent estimate.

During operation

Your safety is our priority. As a result, operations at the Claris Clinic are carried out under the best possible conditions by Belgium’s most experienced surgeons. The medical equipment used is state-of-the-art, and our surgeons are qualified to perform all current plastic operations to guarantee you the best results for your breast surgery near Mons.

After the operation

Follow-up surgery is essential to the success of your breast operation. That’s why the Claris Clinic follows each and every one of its patients after their plastic surgery operation, to ensure that they experience no complications and can be fully satisfied with the results.


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The different types of breast surgery in Mons

Breast augmentation

Lmamma augmentation consists of increasing breast volume through one of two procedures: the placement of silicone breast implants, or its alternative, lipofilling. This involves taking fat from another part of the body and reinjecting it into the breasts to increase their volume.

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augmentation mammaire

Breast reduction

Our aesthetic clinic near Mons also offers you breast reduction which consists in reducing the size of the breasts by removing a volume defined during your consultation with the surgeon.

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reduction mammaire

Breast lift

The breast lift is a procedure designed to restore firmness and support to the breasts while restoring firmness and curves. This type of plastic surgery is frequently performed on women who experience sagging or drooping breasts as a result of pregnancy or the aging process.

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Breast asymmetry

Breast asymmetry represents a disparity between the two breasts in terms of volume, position or shape. Often genetic in origin, this asymmetry can also occur after pregnancy in young mothers, often leading to a loss of self-confidence.

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asymetrie mammaire


Men can also benefit from breast surgery. Indeed, some of them are affected by the gynecomastia: excessive development of breast tissue, which can have an impact on physical and psychological well-being. This accumulation of tissue can result from a variety of causes, such as obesity, hormonal imbalances, the use of certain medications or genetic predisposition.

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How to get to Claris Clinic from Mons

From Mons, the nearest Claris Clinic is in La Hulpe.

On the edge of the Ring Road, in the heart of the Forêt de Soignes, Claris Clinic de la Hulpe is strategically located on the outskirts of the Belgian capital. This privileged location, not far from major traffic arteries such as the Brussels Ring Road or Zaventem airport, makes it an easily accessible destination, whether you’re coming from Brussels or any other Belgian region. Surgeries are carried out in this green setting, with ample parking to facilitate your visit. For a complete experience, the Dolce hotel infrastructure is ideally located in the immediate vicinity.

Claris Clinic La Hulpe

For added convenience, two other clinics are available for consultations and post-operative care. Our clinic in the European Quarter, in the heart of Brussels, is easily accessible by public transport. As for our Château des Thermes de Chaudfontaine establishment, it’s just 15 minutes from the center of Liège and has ample parking for your convenience.

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Find Claris Clinic throughout Belgium

The Claris Clinic is recognized throughout Belgium for its expertise in cosmetic surgery, the quality of its surgeons and its aesthetic treatments. Many patients from all parts of Belgium and abroad come for consultation and place their trust in our team of doctors specializing in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

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