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Breast surgery in Liège

We offer you a new, harmonious and balanced silhouette thanks to our expertise in breast surgery.

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Claris Clinic, your breast surgery clinic in Liège

Since its creation, Claris Clinic has been recognized for the quality of its cosmetic surgery operations, particularly breast surgery in Liège and Belgium. We are committed to providing you with the best services and plastic surgeons to ensure your well-being. You can count on the experience of our surgeons, specialized in cosmetic and breast surgery, who perform over 1,000 aesthetic procedures every year.

Right in the heart of Liège, our aesthetic clinic welcomes you for consultation prior to your operation, as well as for post-operative care. We prioritize your comfort and build trusting relationships with our patients, thanks to recognized and experienced doctors who will listen to you throughout your aesthetic journey. Our team’s watchwords are excellence and professionalism.

It is important to choose a reputable and professional cosmetic surgery clinic in Liège such as the Claris Clinic. We make your well-being a priority by combining strict safety standards with a high level of expertise. If you have any concerns, our surgeons will be there to guide you and answer any questions you may have. You’ll benefit from the personalized support of our experts, who will adapt to your needs and expectations.

Breast surgery in Liège

What is breast surgery?

Breast surgery, or mammoplasty, is a branch of aesthetic and plastic surgery. Whether you’re looking to change the shape, appearance or size of your breasts, breast surgery procedures are diverse and depend on your desires and needs. Generally performed for aesthetic reasons, breast surgery can also relieve back pain caused by overly large breasts, for example. It’s also a relief for some people for whom breasts are a complex.

Breast reduction for overly large breasts, breast augmentation to increase volume, facelift to combat sagging, or lipofilling to correct breast asymmetry… Whatever the procedure, it’s vital to carry it out in the best possible conditions. Indeed, cosmetic and breast surgery remain important surgical procedures that only experts like those at the Claris Clinic can perform.

Our plastic surgeons will explain the process in detail, and discuss your wishes with you during a preliminary consultation. Indeed, it’s essential to understand your expectations in order to meet them. You’ll benefit from the complete expertise and transparency of our clinic’s team to define the best solution in line with your morphology and wishes.

Why have breast surgery?

Although we speak of cosmetic surgery cosmetic surgerybreast surgery is far from being superficial. It has long-term effects on your body and morphology, and also impacts your mind.

Breast surgery is first and foremost a way to feel better about your body and mind by correcting the source of your discomfort. Aesthetic procedures can range from breast augmentation for women who would like fuller breasts, to breast reduction for better balance and a harmonious silhouette. Many women also call on our expertise in breast surgery after a mastectomy due to breast cancer.

Breast surgery can also be a way of transforming breasts that can be a nuisance in everyday life. Having overly large breasts, for example, is often the cause of back pain and physical discomfort. In this case, a breast reduction is recommended to avoid any health problems. Solving these problems helps many patients regain their confidence and feel better about themselves.

Breast surgery, whether medical or non-medical, has a major influence on the physical and mental health of our patients. That’s why our aesthetic surgeons are there to support and advise you in this choice, with your well-being at the forefront of their minds.

How does breast surgery work?

Before the operation

The first step is also one of the most important. It consists of a consultation between the patient and the surgeon, to discuss the planned operation. You can talk about the surgery you want, your expectations and your motivations. Our specialist is always ready to listen, to provide you with information and, above all, advice. This consultation is a privileged moment with our plastic surgeon to establish a relationship of trust, and to reassure you about the upcoming operation. You can ask all your questions, and our expert will tell you about the potential risks, the results, and also the cost of the procedure, giving you a detailed estimate.

During operation

Our priority is your safety. As a result, all our operations are performed with the utmost care and prudence by the best surgeons in Belgium. Using the most advanced technologies and backed by a wealth of experience, our plastic surgeons are able to perform all current aesthetic operations. So you can be sure of a harmonious result that meets your expectations.

After the operation

Regular post-operative follow-up is essential. Whether major or minor, aesthetic operations require the attention of our plastic surgeons during the recovery period, in order to achieve the predefined objective. A rest period is therefore necessary, to check that there are no complications.

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The different types of breast surgery in Brussels

Breast augmentation

As its name implies, breast augmentation aims to increase the size of the breasts. For this aesthetic operation, the size and shape of the implants are chosen during the pre-operative consultation. This procedure corrects asymmetry or restores volume lost after childbirth or weight loss. The operation involves implanting breast prostheses, usually made of silicone. Our surgeon can also perform lipofilling, i.e. a transfer of your own fat, which will be decided during your consultation beforehand, and customized according to your needs.

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Breast reduction

Our aesthetic clinic in Liège offers breast reduction, which, unlike augmentation, involves reducing the size and volume of the breasts. This is the preferred solution for women who suffer from oversized breasts, which can lead to back pain and imbalance. During breast reduction, our surgeon removes excess fat, glandular tissue and skin, and harmonizes the shape of the breasts with your figure. Our specialists can therefore adjust the shape and size of your breasts to your expectations. These preferences are discussed in advance with your plastic surgeon, who will be able to give you the best advice. The operation therefore has a positive impact on the physique, and helps to boost the self-esteem of patients who choose the Claris Clinic in Liège.

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Breast lift

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to lift and firm the breasts. Women with sagging or drooping breasts often opt for this solution. This sagging may be due to pregnancy, weight change, or simply aging. This procedure can be performed alone, or in conjunction with breast augmentation or reduction. Our plastic surgeon will put his knowledge to work to restore tone to your breasts, while preserving a natural appearance in harmony with your morphology. The lift rejuvenates and firms your breasts in a lasting way.

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Breast asymmetry

Breast asymmetry can manifest itself in a number of ways, such as a difference in size, position or shape. Usually genetic, this asymmetry can also appear after childbirth in young mothers and frequently causes a lack of confidence. The first appointment with our team is therefore crucial in determining which modifications to make. Following this discussion, our expert can not only increase the size of a smaller breast, or vice versa, but also reshape the shape to restore balance. When you choose Claris Clinic in Liège, you can be sure of a natural, uniform result that will help you regain your self-confidence.

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asymetrie mammaire

Changing breast implants

Breast implant replacement is an operation to replace existing implants, or prostheses, with new ones. You may decide to change the shape or size of the implants for breast augmentation or reduction. This implant change, performed by one of our surgeons, helps avoid complications by renewing your old implants. A consultation with one of our specialists in our aesthetic clinic will enable us to define your expectations for this plastic procedure in advance.

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changement implants


Breast surgery isn’t just for women. Gynecomastia also affects men, who develop breast tissue that can cause physical and mental discomfort. This excess tissue can be due to a number of factors, including overweight, hormones, certain medications and genetic factors. To remedy this breast enlargement, our specialist will perform an operation similar to a breast reduction in which excess skin, fat and glandular tissue are removed. Our experts address this problem by redefining the shape of the torso. At the end of the procedure, your breasts will be flat and toned.

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Claris Clinic: A national benchmark in cosmetic surgery

Recognized throughout Belgium, Claris Clinic has established itself as a leading clinic in the field of cosmetic surgery, thanks to both its expertise and the excellence of its surgeons. All our aesthetic treatments attract a varied clientele, from all parts of Belgium and abroad. Our reputation is built on the trust and satisfaction of our patients, who vote for our dedicated team of plastic and aesthetic surgery specialists.

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"Very good reception, friendly and efficient staff. Good results. Definitely recommend."
Jade Cerfontaine
"An experienced team, a warm welcome, comprehensive care..."
Alexandre Costantini
"Top-of-the-range environment. Cutting-edge care and machines. A team of attentive & highly competent professionals."
Caroline Tricot

How to get to Claris Clinic from Liège

Claris Clinic La Hulpe

Located in the center of Liège, our breast surgery clinic in Liège is easy to reach if you live in the city. Visit us at 80 rue Louvrex in Liège to access our cosmetic surgery services. Our clinic in Liège is also equipped with a covered parking lot, which is very practical if you come to us by car. It’s also easily accessible by public transport, as it’s close to the Guillemins train station.

We have two other plastic surgery clinics in Belgium. The first is in La Hulpe, just outside the city, in a peaceful wooded setting south of Brussels.

Our latest clinic is located in Brussels itself, also in the city center, close to the Schuman train station and various metro stations, making it easy to reach by public transport.

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Find Claris Clinic throughout Belgium

The Claris Clinic is recognized throughout Belgium for its expertise in cosmetic surgery, the quality of its surgeons and its aesthetic treatments. Many patients from all parts of Belgium and abroad come for consultation and place their trust in our team of doctors specializing in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

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